Your Muffin just got sweeter…

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It is a known fact that there is tremendous stress while planning a break or stress reliever event. As we have said before, here at Muffin it is our mission to take away all this unnecessary stress of event planning and execution. So if you don’t want be the Santa Claus of your event, why not hire a few tiny elves to help out? Wondering how? Well here is your answer.

After studying requirements for different events, we have tied up with various different business owners in different fields such as eat-outs, gifting options, trek organizers, event managers, cake shops, spas, etc..; the list is galore.

All you have to do is choose the type of event you wish to plan and our lovely little bakers here at Muffin will sprinkle some perfectly curated options for you. So you can bid those not so good so ol’ days of exploring countless different websites and applications to look for places to eat, to organize transportation for treks and day trips or when you are running out of places to look for gifting options.

All the options can be browsed from event – listing page. Also, the events can always be filtered according to categories. When inside a specific event, other related options can be seen too.

Now, what makes the Muffin sweeter? These places have a special tie up with us. Since you are our beloved Muffin users, you can avail a discount or cash back at most places. Who doesn’t mind a little money saving, right?

So if you are not using Muffin yet, what are you waiting for? Go get it now! And if you are already using Muffin, now you know the drill better. So go grab your perfectly baked “Muffin” event pronto.

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