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Teaching. Trekking. Travelling. Social Work.


“How is it possible to devote so much time for treks?”- A question that has perpetually been thrown at me, almost always I chuckle. Finally I decided to pen my thoughts.

Since almost 40 years, my life has been a rather meticulous balancing act. With its various ups and downs, it has been a smooth sail with different amps of importance to different aspects.

My profession reads trainer and mentor and I enjoy it to the core. However, everything that I have achieved professionally is secondary and is largely a by – product of my greatest loves: trekking and traveling.

I distinctly remember how it all started, in the class 4. It was then when I was left in absolute reverence by nature and the inspiration has never ceased to exist.

Since then the trail never seems to escape, from scaling the peaks of Alang, Madan, Kulang and Kalsubai to various exhilarating rock climbing tracks to the Kanchenjunga Base Camp.

The supremest exploration of mine has been riding the Khardung La, a mountain pass of the Ladakh region; it is the highest motorable road in the world. An extensive journey of 2,700 Kilometers in a span of 15 days.

The list of expeditions undertaken is endless; the amount of time devoted is -invaluable and countless. Since I have been lucky enough to gain so much experience, I have voluntarily taken up of the job of a friendly trek-planning advisor – from where to go, what to do and how to go?

When it comes to questioning time devotion – I feel adventures are joyous. They are as important as breathing to me. Enjoying life outside the realms of work has made my professional life as prosperous as it is today.

Yes, planning any sort of adventure or trek is a laborious task. From choosing the location to splitting the expenditure. Nonetheless the joy that I derive is so great that it hardly matters.

Personally I have stopped asking for my buddies’ opinions during the planning process. I just follow my own experience and despite its challenges it all works out in the end. We all enjoy; joy does not depend on the excruciating details of event planning.

I have been a wanderer, an enthusiast who has always encouraged sudden eccentric trips, found my stability in my social work. All I would like to say is – I have always enjoyed my journeys without worrying about – the destination. The mountains belong to me and I belong to them.
Live in the moment, go out, explore and take a much-deserved break, the wonders it will do will leave you in awe.

Adventure lover. Mentor. Traveler. Social worker.
Dinesh is popular amongst youngsters as Teacher and Mentor and has 7000+ Facebook friends :-) He is an adventure lover who does trekking, rock climbing, bike riding in Himalayas and many more adventures such as scuba diving, paragliding and long distance car riding.