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A simple banner with five words? Well, behind the scenes, it has been a yearlong fun ride. It has been an extremely satisfying experience of moving from a concept to a live product. At this point, engineer in us is happy and proud. The entrepreneur in us is anxious and excited.

Finally the moment has come. Muffin is available on Google Play Store!

Many of you have been actively involved in this journey with us. We went through the iterative cycle of problem validation, solution design, user experience design, product development and user experience refinements. We ended this cycle with beta testing. We have got a lot of support and help from many of you on all aspects of business. We cannot thank you enough.

We know this is just a start. Now, the rubber will meet the road. With close to 1500 apps uploaded on Play Store a month, the real fate of Muffin is in your hands. We hope you like what we have created together. Please download Muffin app for android and use it to plan and execute your events. Spread the word in your circles.

Do share your love on Play Store and suggestions on We are listening.

Planning a meetup with friends or family? Focus on fun. For everything else, just grab Muffin!

Intellectual. Artist. Thinker. Entrepreneur.
Amol is that solid rock on which Muffin stands. He has the rare ability to think big, but then also align day to day work to match the big goal. Amol is the co-founder and mainly focuses on the technology at Muffin. Amol takes good care of everyone at Muffin.