Why have we built Muffin memories?

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At Muffin, we want you to go out and have fun with friends and families. This is where the real memories are created. But when these memories are created, current systems don’t give them the love they deserve. Your event photos are all over the place and are not handy. They are lost in clutter of other photos. You are forced to download each photo to see it and it occupies your precious device space. At times, the photo quality is compromised. Keeping all these issues in mind, Muffin has brought a great group photos sharing experience and it will only get better. Check out the key benefits of Muffin memories and try it now.


Fitness enthusiast. People person. Imagineer.
Kshitij may skip work but will not skip his workout. He can spend countless hours talking to people about anything and everything. He has worked in many countries and has played various roles in business areas encompassing—strategy, management-consulting, business development, marketing, pre-sales, sales and customer support. His latest stint involved extensive work on video platforms. Kshitij is a co-founder and looks after the business side at Muffin.