And so we decided on Chanel No. 5

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Ketaki’s birthday is coming up next week. I usually look forward to office birthdays since they are the only times when everyone comes together. But this time, we have a problem. You see, for every office birthday, it is Ketaki who collects the money. She buys the perfect gift; for everyone, every time, based on their hobbies and interests. So now, the onus is on us to buy her something awesome, but coming up with the right gift is no mean feat. So it’s better to involve as many people as possible in the decision making.😛

So the traditional approach to this problem is using any chat application. But on chat apps, there is a tendency for conversations to become endless and threads usually get hijacked. As an initiator, one always ends up scrolling up and down, making sense out of a clutter of opinions and suggestions.

But don’t feel sorry for me. I work at Muffin HQ. The poll functionality in our app is ready.  And our app is already installed on everyone’s phones for testing. So why not put it to use?

So I start by adding all the people we work with to a birthday event on Muffin; my boss who is out of town for an investor meet, our testing team who works from a different office, our sales people who are always on the move, and of course – the entire engineering team sitting across my desk.

In Muffin chat, we discuss what Ketaki would like. People who have known her for a long time veto the poorer options and we are down to the final five. To decide between them, I quickly float a poll and Ta Da! Within minutes, everyone who is contributing has voted on the “right” gift! I can see the final count at the tap of a button and it turns out that most of them have chosen to get her a classy frame from Coco Chanel and Chanel No. 5; whereas my idea about an apple bonsai has absolutely no takers ☹



But anyway, polls are not just restricted to gifts. You can decide on a date or a time, or a place to go to, or a dressing theme for a party, or the budget for an eat-out. Heck, you can even float a yes-no poll just to check who is coming and who is not. The possibilities are endless…..

You too will soon have the ability to make decisions quickly through Muffin. Have you signed up for early access yet?

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